Our Services

Here at NIKON 2007 we create luxurious finishes and repairs to just about everything including homes, offices, restaurants, public buildings, hotels, casinos, shops and many more. Please contact us for professional advice regarding appropriate colors and materials.


High quality development of suspended ceilings, partitions, wall linings, hidden lighting, ceilings and intricate shapes.


We stock interior and facade paints and plasters, paints for wood and metal.


Nikon 2007 can also provide suitable advice and training on technique application and use of specialized tools.


We can inspect your site to give you the best advice and recommendations on design, materials and colors.


We can develop samples, which will help you make your final choice.


Masking and protection of the site – all exposed surfaces will be carefully labeled to ensure that will not contaminate or cause injuries whist work is carried out.


Cleaning – Once your project is completed, our staff will clean the whole site insuring you will have a dust free environment.


NIKON 2007 works with different manufacturers to provide you a wide choice of materials and decorations for all types of applications. We will provide a warranty on quality, performance and durability on all materials applied by us.